26m Gin Vantage 3

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The Vantage 3 represents a new concept of paramotor wing: light but durable, easy but fun to fly. Ideal for bivouac flying, it’s perfect for beginning and intermediate paramotor pilots, and even as a confidence-inspiring wing for free flying.

The Vantage 3 offers several advantages over a conventional paramotor wing:

  • compact to pack and light to carry
  • easy inflation and rapid lift-off
  • intelligent mix of fabric for lightness and durability
  • easy thermaling in free flight mode
  • ideal for traveling, bivouac and light trike use

Glider has less than 20 hours of use.  Perfect first glider, or for someone that wants a lightweight option for free and motor flight.

Inflates easily, launches quickly, and is fun to fly.  Trims in and motor off, it seems to glide forever.

26m is good for 105-135kg all up; 145kg maximum.  I'm 135kg all up and it is very responsive and agile flyer.


* Photo is stock.  I will add photos of the actual wing as soon as the weather permits.